Located in the East Kootenay’s in southeastern British Columbia our territory includes the stunning Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park. Your hunt will start in our base camp located on Findlay Creek. From there we will ride or walk to one of several cabins located strategically in the Purcell Mountains allowing excellent hunting options for all species.

Getting Here

You will fly into Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook and depending on your arrival time we will personally pick you up or you will spend the night at a recommended hotel in Cranbrook and we will pick you up in the morning.  Another option is to drive directly into our base camp.

Whether you drive to base camp or we personally pick you up at the Cranbrook airport, a hot homemade meal will be waiting for you upon your arrival at base camp.  The following morning, after a hot shower and a hearty breakfast the horses are packed and you are off to one of our remote cabins that are strategically placed in the Purcell Mountains.  

Base Camp

Our base camp is situated beside Findlay Creek and offers beautiful mountain views. 

Remote Camps

We also have 3 other remote hunting cabins on our territory within half a day to a day walk or ride from base camp.

What's Included

Our hunts are all inclusive of meals, accommodations and guide service from when you arrive in camp. Field transportation while hunting is included, as is field dressing and transporting harvested animals back to camp. 


Not included are taxidermy expenses, pre and post hunt travel/meals.

What To Bring

Sleeping bags are required. Bring your own personal bathroom kit.